Used aerosol equipment for sale at Aero-Tech Laboratory Equipment Company LLC.

5000-VC, Pneumatic Vacuum CrimperDate Posted: 2010-03-30
EQUIPMENT Vacuum Crimper USE Crimp aerosol valves to can VENDOR Aero Tech Labs MODEL # 5000-VC NEW COST $5,750.00 ASKING $2,587.00 Email: Phone: 9172044701
Custom GasserDate Posted: 2010-03-30
EQUIPMENT Filling Station for gassing USE adapted to fill 4 cans per run VENDOR Aero Tech Labs MODEL # Custom Filler NEW COST $1,875.00 ASKING $843.00 Email: Phone: 9172044701
Slip-on Pressure TesterDate Posted: 2010-03-30
EQUIPMENT Slip On Pressure Tester - 3 pieces USE upgrade single station filler to quad filling VENDOR Aero Tech Labs MODEL # SO-PT NEW COST 3 @ $395.00 each $1,185.00 ASKING $534.00 Email: Phone: 9172044701
HPT-100, Pressure TesterDate Posted: 2010-03-30
EQUIPMENT 3" Certified Pressure Tester USE check pressure in filled cans VENDOR Aero Tech Labs MODEL # HPT-100 NEW COST $569.00 ASKING $256.00Email: Phone: 9172044701
Vacuum Pump, 2 HP 18.8 CFMDate Posted: 2010-03-30
EQUIPMENT 2 HP Vacuum Pump USE vacuum cans prior to crimping and filling VENDOR Grainger MODEL # 5KY79 NEW COST $3,916.00 ASKING $1,762.00 Email: Phone: 9172044701
Labeling MachineDate Posted: 2010-03-30
EQUIPMENT Labeling Machine USE apply wraparound or front/back labels VENDOR Elmark Packaging Inc. MODEL # R310 front/back- 13" maimum label height OUR COST $6,529.95 LINK ASKING $2,938 Email: Phone: 9172044701
Shrink Wrap TunnelDate Posted: 2010-03-30
EQUIPMENT Shrink Wrap Tunnel USE shrink wrap finished product Brand Allied - Sargeant MODEL # Not Sure OUR USED COST $1,495.00 ASKING $795.00 Email: Phone: 9172044701
Pilot Aerosol LineDate Posted: 2010-03-30
Prices are somewhat negotiable and I am willing to sell equipment individually, multi units, or a complete package. I will be willing to discount for multi unit purchases or the entire lot of equipment. Equipment is appoximately 30 months old and not used for the last 9 months. The equipment manufactured apporximately 15,000 units during ownership. The equipment has been extremely well maintained and is in excellent condition. PLEASE CONTACT KEVIN FOR FURTHER DETAILS AND INFORMATION Kevin Cell Phone 917-204-4701 PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE FREIGHT

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